About Me

Marek Bartoš

My name is Marek Bartoš, I live in Prague and I am a photographer. I love food and photography, so I have brought these two things together. This way, I have both my passions right at my fingertips every day. My work has taken me and my camera to the kitchens of many top chefs.

Why Food

My love for food and photography has been guiding me since my childhood. Even after all these years food is meaningful to me in many ways: Food is full of passion, hidden desires and secrets. Food is a symbol. Food is a political tool, lifestyle and the most basic human need.

How I Work

My job is not only about photographing finished meals in a studio. I follow the whole process from fields and farms to majestic food markets and grand restaurants. I travel the world to learn about the beauty of regional cuisines and look for inspiration for my photographs in nature.


I work for private clients, magazines, restaurants and book publishers. I feel at home in the field, in the garden or in the kitchen. I love working with light and I believe that nothing can beat natural sunlight. I always try to keep developing my skills and experience. I’ve been very lucky to cooperate with many Czech and international companies and amazing personalities. I have listed chosen clients who I cooperated with below:



  • Cook from an Island Sardinie
    Karolína Konečná
  • Grilling
    Zdeněk Pohlreich
  • My Home Cooking
    Zdeněk Pohlreich
  • Light Cooking
    Zdeněk Pohlreich
  • A Vietnamese Cookbook
  • The Culinarium
    Zdeněk Pohlreich
  • Fresh Cooking
    Zdeněk Pohlreich
  • The Italian Cookbook
    Ricardo Lucque
  • Don’t Bark and Eat!
    Kristina Šemberová, Katarína Králová
  • Such a Normal Cookbook
    Zdeněk Pohlreich


  • Zdeněk Pohlreich
  • Radek Kašpárek
  • Riccardo Lucque
  • František Kšána
  • Dita Pecháčková
  • Moreno Cedroni
  • Pavel Roubíček
  • Iveta Fabešová
  • Michal Nikodém
  • Paul Day
  • Michal Pšenička
  • Ondřej Jíňa